Chess Federation of Uzhgorod
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IV TRANSCARPATIAN RAPIDTOURNAMENT "CHESS DECIK" is recognized by the newspaper "Ladja" by the most original chess tournament in Ukraine in 2006 year!

Our town - Uzhgorod
   Uzhgorod is the ancient European town. This comfortable, not large the garden of a town is situated on the banks of the river Uzh getting its name after it. It is beautiful in all seasons. The town is smothered in flowers and greenery of trees, it is more like the museum under the open sky with many interesting architectural monuments, it is the town of poets, artists and musicians. Guests arrive here not only to have a rest but also to combine rest with health tourism. The Castle of Uzhgorod - historical architectural monument of XI-XVIII cc - is visited by more than 10 thousand tourists each year. Just in 3 km from the town there's the Ukrainian-Slovak border, in some 20 km - Hungary. This opens new possibilities for the organization of tourist programmes.

In Uzhgorod you can by hours walk by narrow streets and forget about all cares...
Exotic plants, of which there are more than 300 species in Uzhgorod, originally were cultivated by the gymnasium teacher Laudon at the end of the XIX c. A park in Uzhgorod is named after him. One of exotic beauties isthe Japanese cherry-tree. In spring it colours the embankments in bright pink.

... and also you can find much interesting and  unexpected. Here, for example, impromptu art gallery in the so-called "Passazh":
And departing from Uzhgorod on a few kilometres you will get in the fairy-tale world of Carpathian mountains ...
Welcome to the age-old town above the river Uzh
with more than 1000-year's history and wonderful nature!!!

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